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Hi and welcome to Balto Home. Wolf Kodi woofs a thanks for visiting! Please feel free to paw around and sniff about in here! The news and updates are as follow:

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30 August 2008

Changed all Balto 3 video clips to a much better quality in AVI format with DivX encoding! Balto 3 voice clips and songs are also now in MP3 format.

15 June 2008

A few months back the Husky's Stockpile Database was down. Apparently the server it was on was failing, therefore the database couldn't be viewed or have new entries added. I've moved it to a new server and everything's up and running as it should now. I've also added a number-of-connected-users counter on every page.

Heck, I've also finally made a YouTube account with the username AlphaWolfKodi!

21 October 2007

Check out my latest music video HERE! The title's "That's The Beat Of A Heart". Trust me, it's something you don't everyday! Took a whole lot of effort. More details on that page.

Besides that, I've added a Flash Video Player so you guys can watch the music video directly from this website. I've also added comments, so don't hesitate to post, post, post! So long! Do enjoy the video!

17 November 2005

It's been a long time since my last update. My site was down for a couple of months but I've sloved the problem now. I've reconstructed the whole html code and scripts to reduce the page loading time. I've also divided the screen shots for Balto 3 into three galleries for ease of loading.

Besides that, I've also created a Flash game called Husky's Stockpile which is located at the Fun Page section. This is my first attempt, so don't expect too much. Mark my words. A game is not easy to make. It took me about a week to complete it!

That all for now. Do enjoy the game whenever you have free time!

25 January 2005

I've made a Balto 3: Wings of Change music video! The title is "I Promise You Dad". This music video is directed to Balto by Kodi. This happends to be the first music video I've created. Go ahead and download it from the new page I've just added, Video Clips. I hope you'll enjoy it.

I've also added 5 video clips from Balto 3 on that new page. Feel free to check them out. Once again, thanks for all the comments in the Paw Print Book and those of you who had stopped by here for a visit. Arf!

3 December 2004

I've added a Fun Page! It's something new and interesting, especially for those of you who love to make handicraft. Ever thought of making something interesting that features Balto 3: Wings of Change? I've always wanted to make something like that, so I've created one. Now you can make your own Balto Flyer Tailplane Mobile. When hung up, it moves slowly round when there is a slight breeze! Try it out here. This took me quite sometime. I haven't got the chance to try it out myself. I will, eventually. So, I'd love to hear from you about your experience or any other suggestions. Thanks. I do hope you'll enjoy it. Arf!

I'll be adding a fanworks section and more links later. Please continue to send me any fanworks. All are most welcome. Thanks to all of you who had viewed my webpage and to those of you who had left your paw prints behind in my book! :)

25 November 2004

Balto Home is officially open and ready for public viewing. So far I've done up to 14 pages, including this homepage. I started creating this website ever since 4 November. Wow! That has really been a long time. I had a lot to do and was very busy, including taking over 100 screen shots. But now I'm glad it's finally ready. Woof!

As this site is new, all fanworks new or old, are most welcome. Just email me. I'll be adding a page for that later.

Yeah, I've also seen Balto 3: Wings of Change! It's really splendid and worth it! I'm sure the show won't disappoint you. You can read my review here. If you've seen the movie, I would like to hear from you too. That's all for now.

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